Saturday, May 16, 2015

Trans Ohio and More

As always time is slipping away and just around the corner is the Trans Ohio Symposium May 29-31st and then many LGBT Pride celebrations. This year, I'm interested to see what (if any changes) will occur in the transgender community. What I mean is, will I notice any more transgender women than I have in the past? In the past (unless a trans woman had tons of passing privilege to the point of not setting off my Trans-dar) I have noticed damn few. On the other hand, the various other sub cultures in the LGBT were highly represented. From "super butch" lesbians (many tough to separate from trans men) to androgynous youth of both genders; as always trans women are a small representation.

The problem to me has been being once again compared with various drag queens entertaining for the day.

This year perhaps, the trans women will be a little more emboldened to step out from the closet and into a Pride event?

It can be a fun and enlightening time if you can!

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