Thursday, April 23, 2015

Lisa, Terf's and Transgender Privilege

We mentioned here in Cyrsti's Condo yesterday the embattled Michigan Womyn's Festival final year would be this season. (As announced by terf organizer founder and Lisa Vogel.) By the way,  TERF's are not cute little relations to a "Smurf" toy but bigoted Trans Exclusionary Radical Feminists.

Connie commented: A TERF war battle lost. I guess there's always Burning Man (but why no Burning Woman?).  Good point! Here is my rant on the subject.

Perhaps many of you have heard of the term "Male Privilege." (They think we had it so damn good growing up and existing in a world they knew nothing about.) TERF's are gender victims Somehow, I didn't see Lisa Vogel in the Army draft line with me.  Regardless of all of that - my point is, if we enjoyed all that male privilege, why would we forsake it all to change gender???? Come on Lisa, really?

I also wonder if trans men would be welcome Lisa?  I have seen my share of highly androgynous lesbians. Do they drop their drawers at the gate when they buy tickets? How about if my lesbian partner wanted to go? Would I have to use the side gate? Sure, some trans woman have managed to slip by the gender censors. But are these the trans girls with all the passing privilege in the world? 

Come on Lisa, the only reason I would even have tried to attend your precious festival is because you didn't want me there. So Connie, I would argue, there is no "Burning Woman" because it is a male privilege to get burnt as a "macho" sacrifice. According to Lisa, if both genders are allowed to go, the generics with their birthright can watch. Transgender women or men? We can't be burnt. That's privilege! 

Good riddance to your festival Lisa. As Connie said, another battle lost.

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