Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Third Times a Charm

You regulars around Cyrsti's Condo know I have been a workshop presenter at the annual TransOhio Trans and Ally Symposium.  This is my third year and I am calling my workshop: "Invisible no more-Transitioning as a Senior Citizen." The picture to the left was taken with "Brutus Buckeye" (mascot) at The Ohio State Student Union-where the symposium was held last year.

Each year I walk away from the conference thinking what did I learn, what did anyone learn from my success-or errors, how could I have done my workshop more effectively and damn!- that went too quick. So, this year, I am doing a brief bio on myself and opening the floor to questions.

Also, I am trying to open my workshop this year further to spouses and ally's. Since Liz is my co-presenter, she is always more than happy to talk to a fellow generic about the inherent problems of maintaining a relationship within a transgender person.  Even though the conference literally has something going on every hour-there are breaks where she/we can sit down with other couples. We were able to do that last year with a couple or two and saw a couple others who were possibilities. Something else I'm trying this year is to post a sign in my workshop that Liz and I are approachable and have had all of our shots!

If you would like information (and are relatively close to Columbus, Ohio) I can direct you to the right spots for more. And, if you are Connie-you could dream about being in the student union of a university who actually WON the football National Championship!

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