Monday, February 9, 2015

What's Wrong With You?

For security reasons, I have all my HRT meds sent to my daughter's house.  It works for two reasons. The meds go to a secure place and I have a fairly regular excuse to see her.  If you stop by Cyrsti's Condo often, you know she is one of my strongest advocates-behind my gender transition all the way.

It turns out my new Estrogen patches showed up recently at her place and I stopped to pick them up.  After a bit of small talk about my grandkids and son in law, she got serious and I knew a big discussion was headed my way.

After a bit of side talk, she got right to the point and asked me why did I come in male drag to the recent birthday dinner for my 10 year old grandson.  She said how much sense did it make if everyone already knew and expected to see the real me?  Well, I thought what the hell, "why did I?" Right or wrong, I knew my excuse - It was his evening and I didn't want to take away from that. That is true but both my daughter and I have been putting off me sitting down with just the three kids for a question and answer. That is scheduled now for next week. are the three topics of discussion: (8-10-13 year olds)
!.- Is the "new" me any different than the "old" me?  No, I am still old and will share all my interests in history with them. I want to keep doing all we have been doing.
2.- What is this "transgender" thing all about anyhow?  Fortunately the kids are very cerebral and diverse in their thinking already.  My oldest grandson had a very out gay man as a fourth grade teacher who the whole school knew was a very well known drag queen. I am fairly sure I can explain rather plainly and by keeping it PG rated - the difference between being gay or lesbian and a  transgender person.
#3.-And-the tough one: What should they call me?  I am thinking about making it a contest. I'm thinking about "Granny C"?

I will let you know how the experience works out!

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