Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Lesbian's, Trans Nazi's and Mick Dodge?

First of all, maybe you all are asking just who the hell is Mick Dodge?  Mick is yet another reality TV "star" who happens to come from Connie's "neck of the woods" in the Hoh Rainforest region of the Pacific Northwest. My question is how long has it been since Connie been hanging out in the "Hoe Forest" and could it be that Mick (below) is actually a pre transitioned version of Connie?

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And, on we go with Connie's comments: (for all the fun I make of her- I agree with both!)

"Years ago, I was involved in a "discussion" with a Lesbian woman who, to put it more nicely, refuted the validity of my gender identity. She just couldn't come to grips with the gender/sex separation. Before it got too nasty, though, I told her, "Well, I guess that the difference between butch and bitch is "u" and "I". She laughed and bought me a drink!

On a side note, I admit to having avoided a certain group of (self proclaimed) cross dressers for quite some time. To (some of) them, I am a bitch because of that. Cyrsti, you may even put me into the TransNazi class for that. But, my avoidance is not because I consider myself to be superior in the "gender spectrum", rather, it is because I have a different identity of self that does not include what I perceive to be their exhibitionistic motivation for going out in public. I like to say that these people re-create themselves for the purpose of recreation. I had tried that for a short time, but I learned that it just didn't fit. This doesn't mean that I don't support and accept them any more or less than I do anyone within the LGBTQ community. For me, I had spent so many years struggling alone with my gender identity, and the more I've become self-assured, the more independent I've become. I don't think that I'm so different than many in this respect. Still, I believe the important thing is that we do respect each other as fellow human beings. Sometimes, though, the more narrowly we define ourselves, the more we distance ourselves. Or......maybe it's like a teenager who asks Mom to drop him off a block ahead of school - the fear of embarrassment does not diminish the love, though"

More to come! This is a huge topic.

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