Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Connie, Connie, Connie?

This morning when I opened the Cyrsti's Condo comment page to review, I saw I had been really "smooched" by the "Seattle Bombshell" or just bombed "Connie."  Before I head out on the tundra, I thought I would share one.

First of all, since she is from Seattle, Connie is a coffee snob. She commented: "The only thing that is disappointing here is that you get your coffee at a gas station. YUK"  What she doesn't know is all the attention I get from the tree company guys!!! On the other hand-  She (Connie) is stuck watching a bunch of Frazier reruns in a Seattle coffee shop, all the time wondering if she had a chance with Frazier's closeted gay brother Niles.

Her second point was much more serious and it concerned a transgender woman's often rough interactions with lesbians... coming up next!

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