Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Trans Activist?

Was 2014 the year of the "Transgender Activist?" Just exactly how does one define being an "activist?" Are we talking Laverne Cox, Janet Mock or you and I?  From Pat, Paula, Stana, Mandy and all of you who contribute thoughts here, most certainly you are all activists.

I bring it up here in Cyrsti's Condo because at the age of 65, all of the sudden, it's my chance to talk the talk and "walk the walk." as a transgender woman.  I was proud to do it last night as  Racquel (trans woman friend) and I joined a candlelight vigil for Leelah Alcorn here in my hometown of Springfield, Ohio (60,000 pop). Plus, we will be at the vigil Saturday in nearby Dayton. I have also been approached by groups in both towns to help establish outreach groups.  I feel a real need to help because last night (10 degrees, windy, two blocks from a 5 alarm fire, and approx one week notice)-  35 people braved the conditions to remember Leelah, but only three of us were actually out transgender women.

So just being there last night made us an activists because "ally's" could see Racquel and I , talk to us, and we could again wedge our way into a very much gay/lesbian dominated local equality group.

In my own noggin, I do believe times "are a changing" quickly which makes the Leelah Alcorn suicide all the more frustrating and tragic. If I'm lucky, I can channel all my jabbering into coherent thoughts about why I believe that, intermixed with ideas of why we are not the enemies of fundamental Christians on a Cincinnati radio discussion show Thursday.

Details coming up!

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