Tuesday, January 20, 2015

In House Diversity?

Of interest Saturday night to me during the Leelah Alcorn vigil in Dayton, Ohio, was the "in house" diversity in attendance.  Fortunately, the great majority of the attendees were young TGLBQ women and men and the "T" was not silent.  Most certainly, the L's and G's of the group just maybe are coming to realize how much trouble the transgender community is in.  In fact, Kevin of the Dayton, Ohio area chapter of GLSEN and gay is one in the trenches helping local chapters in schools.

Others in attendance other than I mentioned, ran the gamut as I said.  Racquel and I sat next to a lesbian couple and behind us was a transgender woman old enough to make me look young!!!  Then, there were several transgender men in attendance including Draco and a couple trans men who I had only known on stage as drag kings.  Plus, even the largest predominately gay dance club was represented.

Finally, even a couple of transgender dinosaurs in the crowd were asked to speak. The idea was sound but it was the wrong place at the wrong time. Here's how it played out. One of the trans women got up and briefly told her story of getting "blown up and out" of her job years ago at an old Dayton job she had.  A worthwhile experience to be sure, but when she then went into a name dropping exercise of knowing the "Who's Who" of transgender culture such as Jennifer Boyle - I am fairly sure the younger part of the crowd was internally drawing a collective yawn. (I was) Then another "more mature" trans woman spoke and promptly mentioned to not forget how we transgender women and men discriminate against each other too. To be sure, true- but again not the right platform or soap box for her "airing of grievances." Moral to the story...do NOT let us talk to a mixed young crowd!!! ME included! (I wasn't asked and that is a GOOD thing!)

My personal fave of the evening was the little girl sitting on the floor below me. I was sitting at a front church pew at the end.  She was dressed head to toe in the pink and blue transgender color scheme. Seriously, I have no idea if she was trans at all but she was young enough to look like a kid at Christmas peering around the corner waiting for Santa! At the least, she learned tons and walked away as a diverse young ally!

Oh, by the way, I forgot to mention the four Dayton cop cars who were providing security- a very sobering thought. And the Dayton mayor spoke-nice!!!

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