Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Back to the "Lion's Den?"

The other day, Liz came up and we again went into "attack mode" working on the lengthy process to sell my house.  Later in the evening, we "celebrated" with a drink.  The problem is, in my smallish town, there are only two venues I feel right about supporting and they were closed.  Our option was driving twenty minutes one way to the venues I normally go to.

Finally, I thought "what the hell" and we went to the place where many years ago I had the cops called on me for using the women's rest room.  I just wanted to enjoy a couple "adult beverages" with Liz.  As luck would have it, the same bartender was working last night and we got to talk about "where I had been" In all fairness to her, she didn't call the cops back then.

Plus, since that time, I have gone through many MtF HRT physical transformations in the couple years since I have seen her. Also, even in the backward conservative town I am from, the populace is catching up to what a transgender person is.

So, in and out we went and in some small way, I slayed another one of my smaller dragons.  Will we go back?  Only as a last chance.

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