Friday, October 31, 2014

My Phone, My Noggin and I

Just between you and me, I certainly have nothing against the sissy contingent in our community and I am reasonably sure most don't go on to a full mtf gender transition. AND  I understand the culture behind having a woman force you to cross dress. 

In the midst of everything else I try to squeeze in to my life these days, I use my phone to talk to myself. What I mean is when I have one of my ideas for "From the Hart" or Cyrsti's Condo, I message them to myself.

For example:  Similar to a note in a bottle, I have been tweeting my little "plays on words" out to the world and more than likely a "civilian" or two on Pinterest.  My assumption is, they would know little or nothing about what "transitioning" is, or how I am using the "sissies" word. My assumption also is, if you have a picture similar to the unidentified "sissy" below, somewhere perhaps there is a semi understanding spouse or girl friend. She is thinking, well I don't understand, but at least I don't have to do all the house work for a change.

How do you make this work?
WOW! How does this thing work?
Back in the day, I too would get dressed up (not like that) and do a bit of cooking and a smaller bit of cleaning.  I found what I already knew, I liked to cook and hated to clean.  I just couldn't reconcile myself I would "make someone a good wife" -in the ideal sense. Back in those days, I figured at the least, I could cook my way into a man's heart and never thought it would be another woman.

This was around the time my wife and I were having huge battles about what my cross dressing was really all about.  One day, when she was following up on her very effective theme "Be man enough to go be a woman!" I said something to the effect, did that mean I could be a woman and not clean like many I knew?  Not the right comment!

Which leaves me to my most important point of all, which is no secret:
"Transitioning is not for Sissies AND is a real BITCH!"

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