Cyrsti's Condo "Guest Post"

For whatever reason, rarely, have I just taken a comment or experience from one of you and passed it along-nearly verbatim. Here is quite possibly the first:

"Cyrsti, I hope you are sitting down because you and I are once again in total agreement. 

 I am a huge Bob Seger fan. My wife and I saw him several years ago at MSG and he blew the roof off the place. About 20 years ago I became addicted to "Like a Rock" I would play it over and over again until I ruined the cassette tape. I think that it had to do with the lyrics about "20 years, where did they go...20 years I don't know". Of course he would now have to revise that to 40 years since I was "lean and solid a rock." Obviously I still hold firm to what I think is a rock. 

 A year or so ago I was in an LGBT bar for Karaoke night and I sang "Turn the Page". When I finished I went back to my stool at the corner of the bar (think of Norm in the anchor position at Cheers). I asked the regulars if they know why I picked that song. None of them knew. There were two girls sitting catty corner to my seat and the one closer to me said that she knew why I picked that song and she went right to the lyric "Most times you can't hear them talk, other times you can. All the same old cliches, is it a woman or a man..." She got it right, of course. She then took out her phone and showed me a photo of a guy with a shaved head, mustache and goatee. I damm near fell off the bar stool when she told me that the guy in the photo was her about two years prior. We had a very enjoyable and informative conversation for the rest of the evening. I have never encountered her or her girlfriend again. 
 I thought you would appreciate the Seger inspired conversation. 

 Regards, Pat

Pat it's obvious that I did love your experience and yes "Turn the Page" was a fave of mine too.  For clarity though , I should point out our disagreements are mostly political in nature which speaks for itself!