Sunday, October 19, 2014

Cyrsti's Condo "Sunday Edition"

"Ker Plunk!!!" Welcome to a "late day version" of  our Sunday Edition here in the Condo! Running late from one heck of a weekend!

Page 1.-  The week that was- or wasn't!  The week around here was basically involved with the fast approaching Halloween holiday.  Party time for genetics, trans girls and cross dressers to strut whatever "stuff" they have. Plus, it is a time for many cross dressers to venture into the world.  Many for their first time. A very exciting and very scary evening, with or without all the "ghosts and goblins" or the vastly more popular vampires and zombies this season.  Especially "zombie drag".  Just go to your local thrift store, fight all the other cross dressing guys away from the larger size dresses-tear one up with a fright wig and you are ready to go!  I can't believe two things for me this year.  The first is, it is nearly here and the second is for the first time ever I'm on pace this year to pass along all of my Halloween epics!

Page 2.- Dancing the night away.  As I wrote, Saturday night, my lesbian partner Liz and I went to a big lesbian Rainbow Dance close to Cincinnati, Ohio.  For me it was rather bittersweet.  First of all, I was rather naive to think the outfit I had picked out for the evening was going to work out as well as it did last spring at Trans-Ohio. (It seemed someone had gained more weight than she thought.)  Not to worry though, I ended up with outfit (plan B) which worked better in the mirror.  For some reason though, I didn't feel as relaxed as I thought I should have been when we arrived.Maybe it was a premonition.  We had no more than found the bar and appetizer tables, when a genetic I referred to as "helmet hair" (looked like it) made it her special goal to spot me and said "hey dude! what's your real name?  I was taken back for a second (a huge mistake) and said "Mine is Cyrsti, what's your real name?"  Really?  Look, I do not expect to be embraced or supported by everyone, but don't seek me out to bash me!

As much as I try, I try to not let transphobic bigots get under my skin or in my noggin, but I can't tell you I wasn't looking for the bitch to seek me out again.  She didn't and actually the rest of the evening was OK.  I did dance with Liz and saw at least three other transgender sisters in the crowd of around 300.

Looking back, I don't know what other expectations I had except to enjoy the evening with Liz and do some people watching.  I just made the mistake of thinking all lesbians are any more accepting of trans women than all gay guys are.  It wasn't as if I was trying to "force" my way into their sandbox.  My partner wanted to go.  I just have a problem when a genetic (lesbian or not) gets this evil sh-t eating smirk on her face when she is leering at me.  I think I will get a t-shirt that says "Get a life-you can't have mine!" (The vast majority of the people there paid no attention to me at all.)

Page 3.- Fall colors!  Saturday I figured a sure fire way to cleanse myself of "Helmut Head" was to change the color of my head.  I have been considering going darker for this fall and winter and as a matter of fact, Liz and I were admiring another woman's hair color at the dance.  It's difficult to describe except the color resembles a dark auburn with maybe a Henna tinge of extra red.  I have so much hair, Liz needed two boxes of coloring to make it work.  She slathered it on my hair and then as I rinsed it off-her shower looked like a copy of the Psycho  (Alfred Hitchcock-1960) classic bloody shower scene. I do love the results and have added a quick picture. The color is tough to see in the picture here.  I have another which shows more of my hair and the color which I will try to remember to pass along later!

Page 4.- The Back Page  That's about going to do it kids for this week's Sunday edition!  I will keep you all in my thoughts and pass along good vibes for a great week ahead for us all!

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