Monday, September 15, 2014

The Object of My Obsessions

I was having a chat with Lynne this morning about a very accomplished cross dresser we knew back in the 1980's/1990's.  Lynne brought up the point this "accomplished" CD always told her "her breasts should be the most important point of her presentation" - not the overall feminine shape proper padding could give her in the hip/butt area. What did I think?

I told her I had always read, concerning the ideal feminine shape, a woman's hips roughly equaled the span of her shoulders. I went on to say, perhaps our CD friend was more concerned how she viewed herself as a man versus how the world viewed her as a woman.

That's OK, whatever is important to each person is their business and some women do dress just to please men.  I have always believed though the greatest majority dress for society as a whole.
Heidi Crossdresser, Creating Cleavage.  UNBELIEVABLE
Cross Dresser Heidi -an example

Then again, "cleavage creating" video's are becoming almost as plentiful on YouTube as any leg shots.  Depending upon how much money you wish to spend, you too can have your own set of removal one piece silicone breasts.  All you have to do is strategically position the right necklace or blend the right makeup and you can have picture perfect breasts.

As far as I go, I wish I was more the object of my obsessions. The more the world is my domain, I suppose I am no different than any genetic woman heading for the grocery store. Let's just say I wasn't too glamorous today as I mowed my grass! On the other hand, similar to any other genetic woman, I do have fun getting dressed up for the right occasion.  It just so happens I have been able to make it out of the closet - or wanted to at all.

Getting back to Lynne and I's discussion, the cross dresser we were referring to opted for SRS years later and I wondered what size breasts did she choose and did they define her femininity? I know my HRT home grown "C"'s help the process for me, but I'm not so sure I would need "DD"s to define me to me-but I'm sure they would be attention getters with others!  Maybe our friend was right?

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