Saturday, September 27, 2014

Don't I Know You?

The last couple of Friday's have hosted beautiful pre fall weather here in Ohio. It has created an opportunity for Missy and I to put as much "stuff" as we physically could out on the sidewalk of my house and try to sell it.  In our part of the world, sales such as ours are called "yard sales", "garage sales" or even "sidewalk sales."

It is a hit or miss project at it's best, but yesterday we got off to a fairly decent start.  About two hours into our sale, a very lesbian looking woman pulls up and begins browsing.  All of the sudden, she quit browsing, looked at me and said "Hey, don't I know you?" I jokingly said "Yes you probably saw my picture up in the Post Office with the other 'Most Wanted' peeps!"  All along though I was wondering if she did know me from one of the gay venues here in town.

I was humored by the thought, she bought two or three items and was on her way.  In the meantime, Missy asked had she seen me before? I said yes, but not exactly.  Quite possibly, she has seen the totally feminized version of me.

These two sales have really been eye openers for Missy.  To catch you up, she is my deceased wife's sister and I only have recently come out to her-when their Mom died. During the first sale, two separate groups of people referred to us as "ladies" or "girls".  To her credit, even Missy stopped in mid pronoun calling me "her" to a buyer. The whole process to me means how totally androgynous I'm becoming on HRT.

All of this with Missy usually kicks off another round of transgender questions - normally having to do with the possibility of SRS.  Her retention span is as bad as mine, so I go back through all the alternatives time and time again.  This time adding in the possibility of using my Medicaid health benefits.

At the least, these unexpected diversions from what normally is a very boring day for me have at the least made the sales more interesting and yes, she probably did know me.

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