Another Look

"Lotso" comments (thanks) about my Cyrsti's Condo "Is that all There Is" post.  I really appreciated all of your inputs because I was so torn on the subject myself.

Essentially, the topic was built around the day I had Sunday, doing everyday errands locally in some stores I had received a really poor reception in my past.  I have had days of course when I thought I was very close to achieving "stealth".  Sunday, I felt I was there and when I did-what exactly did that mean to me.

In no particular order, lets take a look at the comments:  (First from Paula)
  1. I do wonder about this whole "going stealth" thing, after all I never wanted to be a Trans Woman, I want to be a Woman. If I should ever achieve that then I am not going to wear a badge that says trans, I hope I won't forget how I got there and those who helped me along the way though.
  2. On occasion, I get lost in the written word...Paula came very close to saying what I meant to - in at least one forth of the words.  She is British, has very unique interests and you can follow the link above to check out her blog.
Billie commented : One way or another, indeed! I tend to agree, Cyrsti. Thanks Billie, this whole new chapter of my life still has a long way to go!  It's still very exciting and scary too!

Jen added: Sounds like you conquered and overcame your prior bad experiences at those 3 shops - WhoHooo!  I did indeed Jen, and I can't remember another time in my life, I was so euphoric but had to mainly keep it to myself.  I soooo love revenge!

And Pat:  The goal of a comedian is to "Leave them laughing when you go". I suggest that you simply go out and about as who you are and how you are comfortable and you will do well. It is a win/win situation all the way with you either getting along as just another face in the crowd or perhaps you will "Leave them wondering when you go".

I suppose Pat, I'm getting more and more tired of leaving them wondering at all.  I feel that gender is but a mirror anyhow, so if with a lot of help I'm finally achieving the correct reflection, then my final solution is close at hand.

Thanks so much to all of you who cared enough to comment.  I do my best to not deal in what I call trans paranoia and just live my life.  It is tough though to not look over my shoulder to see who or what is chasing me.  I did it for so many years and it's difficult to put an end to.