Sunday, July 20, 2014

Cyrsti's Condo "Sunday Edition"

"Ker Plunk!" Look out! Here comes another Cyrsti's Condo "Sunday Edition"

Page1.-  Equal Rights for All?  Well, not quite, but it looks as if "Prez Obama"is  set to sign a LGBT nondiscrimination executive order on Monday.  What it means is federal contractors will be prohibited 
against workplace discrimination as well as prohibiting discrimination against transgender federal employees.  Obama will amend Executive Order 11246, which prohibits federal contractors from discrimination on the basis of race, color, religion, sex and national origin and was first issued by President Lyndon Johnson in 1965, to include sexual orientation and gender identity.

He will also amend Executive Order 11478, which prohibits discrimination against federal employees on the basis of race, color, religion, sex, national origin, disability and age and was originally issued by President Richard Nixon in 1969, to also include gender identity. That executive order was previously amended by President Bill Clinton in 1998 to include sexual orientation. Although the Obama administration has previously interpreted existing law to cover transgender federal employees, the order will ensure federal employees will now be formally and explicitly protected from discrimination on the basis of gender identity.

Obama’s executive actions will impact 24,000 companies that employ 28 million workers — a fifth of the nation’s workforce- immediately!

**Editor's note:  I wonder now if Mr. local candidate who has so publically made  homophobic remarks and  whose business thrives on government contracts, will say OK, to hell with the money?  I will continue to discriminate?

Page 2.- Caution! Trans-Dar in Use!  It was a big week here in the Condo talking about Trans Dar for some reason.  I have always liked the game, going back to when my wife was around and yes, it was almost sport.  Ironically, what was probably going on was, we were missing more transgender women or cross dressers in the world than we were supposedly "spotting."  The true shame was, there were a few here and there I would have loved to talk to.   I either wouldn't or couldn't.  Unless the two of us were at some sort of social mixer, speaking to another "sister of the cloth" was frowned upon,-unless my wife initiated the conversation.  Why you ask?  I believe now, she had some sort of paranoia about me going "too far" up the cross dressing road.  Her feminine warning bells were going off and they were totally true.  These days, though, the problem is knowing exactly what level of gender expression you may be looking at.  My wife was a rare mix of arch conservative and inner liberal and it would be interesting to see eight years later how she would have felt.  Back in those days, she actually worked with a fairly big group of gay men (which included a couple of beautiful performing drag queens.)  They always discussed their "Gay-dar" but I think Trans Dar was pretty much unknown.  Plus, these days, HRT can throw many individuals into more of an androgynous look which is a whole other story all together!

Page 3.- Coming Out Again and Marking my Gender Spot.  Per norm with me, the few times I have come out to the few peeps I felt the need to, one of two things happened.  Either they shut up about it, or have many questions.  As you have read, I am going through the "many question" phase with a friend now.  It has occurred to me, I  haven't come out to a male friend since my days in the Army in the 1970's.  I told two I was a transvestite.  I'm not making a value judgement on coming out to guys. I'm only saying I had very few "guy friends" who I truly considered friends in my life and they are all dead. So, I never had to face the situation anyway.   Just guessing it's easier for me to attempt to explain to a genetic woman why I want to play in the girl's sandbox than to tell a guy why I'm "switching teams."

Finally last week, I hitched up my big girl panties and called into the Ohio BMV to request a "Declaration of Gender" Form.  I'm sure I will be writing quite a bit about the process of changing gender markers as it unfolds in my life.

Page 4.- The Back Page.  I'm wrapping up this week with a comment from Pat:

You should feel good whenever you are complimented on your looks, thoughts, words or deeds. The bottom line is that the myriad of triggers that excite men is mind boggling. Your trans status and presentation will be a trigger for some men. I suppose it goes with the turf.

As long as I can keep most of the "weeds" out of the turf Pat, all will be good!!!  

All of you have a great week!!!

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