New Years Fashion Police

I have actually had a couple of you "Condo-ites" ask what Liz and I wore on New Years Eve.
She out "pizazzed" me with a multi colored silky tunic top which draped over her thighs with leggings.  She also started out with a modest pair of heels for the short walks we were under taking but we went back to the hotel and she changed to a pair of metallic flats quickly. I wasn't have anything to do with heels as always!

I went with my 3/4 length patterned black blouse/top, black leggings and slouch boots.  We weren't going anywhere too fancy, unlike last year, so comfort trumped "glam" this year. On the other hand, our nails were polished, our makeup was top notch and a great time was had by all!

As I have written here in Cyrsti's Condo in the past, the mirror I worship the most is the public eye. New Year's Eve, the public was very accepting of me.  Interestingly, now I have several different scenarios to consider.

I am moving away from "Hey! isn't that a guy in a dress." To a very real possibility the public may think we are two lesbians.  So before I get "my freak on" concerning a real or perceived public reaction, I have to understand where it's coming from. Here's an example.  Our server where we ate,  quite possibly was a lesbian too,  gave us excellent service and better yet, spread that Ladies word around liberally. While it's true,  the more I transition, the less all of this is important to me at all.  Why I care at all just comes from years of negative conditioning.

Being identified as a lesbian though is a whole different idea than I ever considered, almost the same as becoming androgynous in the public's eye. The L identification also changes my interaction with men again. Which is another topic for another day!

Regardless, of over thinking this whole gender process and being repetitive, I felt truly wonderfully comfortable and at ease in my own skin and clothes on New Years Eve.

My only disappointment was I faded early and could only make it till 2 am!


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