Cyrsti's Condo "Trans Woman of the Day."

A week or so ago we mentioned a "surprise" transgender beauty's appearance on Project Runway All Stars.  The show brought together a group of popular/established fashion bloggers from around the world and Gigi's Gorgeous New's Network blog made the cut!

During the show, Gigi proved she was much more than a pretty face as she owned the runway to the delight I'm sure, to transgender women around the world.

I have followed her YouTube videos for quite awhile and was particularly impressed when she came out as transgender and the work she has done which included her sister. (Thanks to many of you who pointed her video's out too!!! You are the best!)

In the -10(F) degree weather around the Condo, Gigi's work is certainly a thawing influence.  She is just another example of how bright the future can be for transgender men and women everywhere.

Of course you can follow the link above to her Blog.


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