Cross Phobia on CBS

Billie commented on our Cyrsti's Condo "Transphobic Make Over" post:

"We cross dressers have always been the butt of jokes .. and sometimes more! It's sad that society still does not take us seriously save for the one thing we can (and most of us) do! I ask, are we to blame in there somewhere?"

Indeed you are right Billie, cross dressers, transgender women and more have been the subject of jokes.

I think several factors are in play.  First of all, comedic drag characters have always been popular as are womanless beauty pageants.  Ha, ha, look at the funny guy in a dress.  The whole concept is just a chance for an easy gag for the writers who are too incompetent to be better.

Another factor is over the years we have created our own cross dressing charactertures. I did it myself "back in the day" going to stores and malls in short skirts and high heels.

Finally Billie, it's time to put the blame where it belongs and put a halt to all of this. No matter what I did years ago at the mall should influence creative comedic writers today. Destructive jokes and comments which damage our standing in the world have to stop, no matter who was to blame in the past.  All of us have ignored this trash too long.

Surprisingly though, this is one area each of us can be a "force of one" to effect change and  stay in the closet to do it. I hate to quote "Tricky Dick Nixon" but the greatest potential force in the crossdresser/ transgender community is the closeted  silent majority.  Think about it,  no one needs to know our motives when all of the sudden we decide "not to buy" Barilla Pasta, why we refuse to watch Mike and Molly or we quietly just don't buy the show's sponsor's products. Remember, the most effective protests are often financial.

Look at it this way too. If we don't follow the lead of the Gay and Lesbian communities and exact change from these bigots, we should be blamed!


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