Transgender Gossip

Late Wednesday afternoon I received a surprise e mail from a marketing person from the VH-1 show "The Gossip Game".  It turns out she linked to Cyrsti's Condo and my email from Matt Kailey's well respected Tranifesto blog.

Coming up Monday the Gossip Game show will include a reasonably intense segment concerning one of the shows mother's transgender son. OK, really intense in spots.

I have to tell you I have scanned the show in the past a couple times and while it is true I just may happen to participate in some gossip from time to time- BUT - I do try to steer clear of extra drama in my life. Which is what this show obviously is built on!  The women on this estrogen charged show come in with their nails pre sharpened for the cat fight.

OK, I know what you are thinking...come on Cyrsti, get with the program out there in middle America. Ratings are everything and why not throw in a transgender son? I get all that but here is why I liked the way this was handled:

First of all the problem was set up basically with a gay slur hurled at one woman about her gay daughter. The first thing her son Kayden said emphatically I'm not gay I'm a transitioning straight male. I'm transgender.
Kayden and Vivian (right) Photo VH-1
From there Mom and son went down a few very predictable paths on his lifestyle. What wasn't so predictable about this show was I didn't see the nice "trans fluff"I have seen recently. You know the show. Family accepts trans kid. Trans kid does well at school and Dr. Marcy Bowers awaits in the future with the magic SRS surgery to seal the gender deal. An over simplification to be sure and I'm not saying the transgender culture does not desperately need all the good public relations we can get. Gossip Game though,  took the time to look at the behind the scenes anguish and tears most of us have experienced in this world.

Finally, for this post-the flat out acceptance of her child by Mom should be a model for all mothers. Certainly Mom didn't understand or even agree with her son's decisions but hell would be paid by anyone else who slammed her son.

VH-1 is sending me some images to pass along to you and as soon as they do I will post them.