The Pedestal or the Heels?

It's Sunday morning here again in Cyrsti's Condo and I assume elsewhere.  Last night I had the pleasure of spending the night with a couple other transgender friends-one trans man and another trans woman. We went  to a local gay venue with a show and before the room got too loud to talk easily we exchanged stories about transitioning and our current and past relationships.This morning it occurred to me our get together was historic in the sense the venue we were in probably had never seen three out and proud transgender people together at once. At the least our little group was educational to a largely uniformed gay populace.

My problem is as I basked in my own smugness, I had to remind myself of how slippery my pedestal can be.   So I took a moment to thank Mother Karma of what I've become and how I have become it. In the end, we are only the sum total of our actions in life. As I gingerly climbed back down from my pedestal I read about Andrej Pejic's painful idea to put me back on one:

"Andrej Pejic apparently wants to launch his own shoe line–just don’t expect them to be comfortable. “The shoes are going to be called Codeine Heels, because you need codeine [to wear] the best heels,” he told WWD. We think we’ll just stick to good old fashioned bandaids rather than bust out the sizzurp. Pejic hopes that shoes will be a part of his own fashion line, which he says will soon debut with (presumably comfortable) t-shirts. Quoted from Fashionista."

I guess I better start starving myself with cotton balls soaked in orange juice, stock up on pain killers and start hoarding pennies to get a fall off of.