Transsexual Ohio Becomes More Visible

From the "Brecksville Patch" :
"A few months ago, Katie Forman donned a simple brown skirt, a hoodie and some eye shadow and headed off to school.

That wardrobe choice was a big step for Forman, one that she says has been met with support in the halls of Brecksville-Broadview Heights High School. (Northeastern Ohio)

Forman, 18, is a male-to-female transsexual.

Forman said she realized when she was as young as 5 that something was different. She was fascinated with girls’ clothes, but hid her interests. This summer, Forman said she was depressed and in counseling, struggling with trying to be someone she wasn’t.

“You know what,” Forman says she told herself, “this is a waste of time.”

She’s been living as a woman for the past three months. Forman said that being transsexual is about “is how we feel inside.” It has nothing to do with sexuality, as opposed to cross-dressing. It’s not a temporary act or a fetish. It’s about changing one’s physical body to fit how they feel on the inside."

Check the link for more! I love the younger generation!!!!!


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