Thursday, March 8, 2012

Transgendered Mid-Life Crisis?

I have heard of more than a few transgendered women who have said something "clicked" in them and they began their cross gender journey.
The vast majority of the trans folks I know though knew at an early age there was something "different" in their perception of the gender world.
I'm over 60 and several of my best friends over the years believe my "mid-life" crisis started when I was crying over a beer on my 30th birthday.
Transgendered or not, I believe 30 is the hardest birthday. Like it or not, youth is behind you and mid life is lurking around a not too distant future.
Using myself as an example, I knew I was becoming more than a "weekend crossdresser". I was experiencing a growing dissatisfaction with my feelings as a transgendered person. Just putting on women's clothes just didn't cut it anymore.
I know I'm no different than many of you. Other not so minor happenings in your life such as kids, career, spouse and mortgage become equally distracting.
During this period, transgendered or transsexual leanings are often buried very deeply.
As mid-life approaches, our pressures increase to an often intolerable rate. "It's now or never" becomes a real possibility  as you begin to speculate on the number of days you have left in this life.
All of the sudden, being a husband, provider and "Good Old Dad" isn't enough and the guilt sets in.
Was your life worth being dishonest about your transgendered leanings over the years worth it?  Now are you not only considering a gender change you are considering your own basic truths. You may have lived an upstanding honest life except for this?
The unlucky ones commit suicide at this point. The lucky ones discover a support structure they never dreamed of.
Then, there some like me. Life or destiny or whatever stripped me of nearly everything dear and gave me a real midlife crisis. At the center of the vacuum sat my choice of gender. It was my choice to go the direction I felt most comfortable doing. Somehow my karma told me if I did go the female path I would need to pay the process forward to others or fail.So here I am for the most part looking back at my mid life crisis and trying desperately for words of wisdom.
Here we go:
There is no easy answer to the mid life monster staring you down.
IF you can get out and explore any part of a feminine existence outside of your house DO IT! Try not to make any assumptions of what you think and assume living as a woman maybe like.  For the most part you will be wrong.
Seek a therapist if you are sure everyone in your life will reject you and then maybe hold therapy as an option with a spouse- after you tell her.
Stay out of WalMart and malls in a tiny mini skirt and 4" heels.
Most importantly, follow your soul. Don't assume it is damaged after all the years hiding yourself from everyone. And-
"May the force be with you!"

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