Friday, December 23, 2011

Transgender "Stylin' and Profilin' "

A person's style (or the lack of it) defines our place in the public's eye no matter what gender we are!
The guy with a beard and ball cap may not be a "redneck" at all and the beautiful woman ahead of you in line may be transgendered.
On a recent post I featured the style of a couple women I follow here on the blog. I didn't however explain much about my own or how the whole process works to me.
I would define "style" as a very vague but very concrete thing. How you look is very concrete how you arrive at the look isn't.
The problem with style is it is so very fluid and seasonal.  I love the fact I live in a climate which has four distinct seasons I have to adjust to.
Surprisngly I have a difficult time coming up with the answer of what my style is and how I adjust to the ever changing fashion world.
I almost always wear jeans and rarely wear heels except on boots but I'm sure my style would not be considered less than feminine. I love long hair and can't wait for mine to be long enough to be styled but in the meantime wigs will have to do.
In the summer months I love the short flirty skirts with bare soft, shaved legs and can't wait for whatever breast growth the hormones give me next summer to "fill out" sleeveless tops.
My style essence dictates two absolutes.  The first is I present the same basics I mentioned above to the same people all of the time. They then have a better chance to know a me as a person.
The other absolute is I try to emphasize a positive. Most of the time with me my breasts and hair are my positives. In the summer I use my legs.
Obviously style is a highly personal experience. You see and notice women who excel or fail miserably at it all the time.
Once you begin to discover your style, you can't begin to measure the fun you can have!

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