Thursday, October 27, 2011

Transgender Heaven and Hell!

Yet another victory for another very young transgender child. Bascically this is what happened.
In Colorado, the Girl Scouts initially rejected a 7 year old boy's request to join. Then:

The Girl Scouts issued a statement saying a
worker unfamiliar with the group's policies gave the family wrong
The group says requests for support of transgender kids have grown,
and Girl Scouts of Colorado is working to support the children, their
families and the volunteers who serve them.

Of course the young transgendered girl is facing bullying at school and the other problems we face identifying with another gender...Such as this flyer from the Mormon Church.
Note the final sentence.

Then again I can't believe the Mormons allow Halloween at all!

Hopefully, the 7 year transgender child will be able to enjoy and grow in the Girl Scouts.
There is hope for all of us!

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