Playing the Transgender System?

This story from the "San Diego LGBT Weekly" caught my eye for it's delicious touch of irony.
"It seems Transgender Human Rights Campaign board member Megan Stabler (pictured above) has married another woman in Texas by legally declaring her gender as male, a development that could be considered controversial (and perhaps hypocritical) because of Stabler’s national prominence, and because of her position at HRC as the only known trans person sitting on the board.
The lesbian couple could not legally marry in Texas as such. But by declaring male gender-identity, presumably by way of a birth certificate that reflected her gender at birth, their union is recognized by that largely far-right leaning state."
Sure the whole marriage could be seen as hypocritical. Then again, why not turn a system around and use a "loop hole" as a positvie in your life?
My bottom line reaction is judging from Megan's picture, it's the men of Texas who lost out to a woman...again.


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