Elections and Halloween. A Coincidence?

Coincidence? Not so much in my part of the world at least. I'm sure most of you would agree we have been "tricked"more than "treated" recently by our elected officials.
It is not my purpose to go on some sort of a political rant here. My purpose is to bring a transgender candidate from Florida back to the blog.
It's election time and the "SouthFloridaGayNews.Com  ran an article about "Donna Milo". Milo is a candidate who happens to be transgendered and a conservative republican of sorts. Much has been written concerning her stand on gay marriage and children.
Here in Ohio, I really don't have much concern over a politician in Florida unless someday she becomes the first transgender president. I do however wonder if running for office is the ultimate coming out expereince?
After a transgendered person runs the gauntlet when he or she comes out to family and friends, is running for public office any different?
I suppose my inherent distrust of poiliticians wont change my idea of transgendered candidates being a plus for our culture...but Halloween madness is sooo much more fun!