Sexuality vs Sensuality.

Can we agreed men are sexual beings and women are sensual? OK I know I'm making a sweeping generalization and it's all Janie's fault! In a good way of course. During the past month or so she has written so well about her gender journey. We are very similar in the life path we have decided to follow and I just wish I had her gift of writing about it!
She has questioned her feelings about being female and even prioritized her male side for a period of time to test herself.
At any rate, recently she made the comment again about how she lost the sexual thrill of female clothes years ago.  The same as me.
I began to think of why and how the "why" related to gender stereotypes as a whole.
One hundred and ten thousand years ago when I began my gender journey to the "other side" I did have the sexual thrill of shaving my legs and wearing hose and bra etc.  Now I feel a deep satisfaction when the wind blows my hair over a bare back and shoulders or around my bare legs. I just feel at home somehow, More sensually stimulated. I feel my skin and hair; the sun and the air so much more acutely.
Where and how did this change happen?
Well, basically I came to conclusion that men are sexual beings.  It isn't true that sex is all men think about but it is true they spend a lot of time thinking about it and how it may apply to many females they meet or see.  Nothing evil about it. Men are just reacting to what life is for them and their role in populating the world.
Women on the other hand are sensual beings.  Starting with their breasts and extending head to toe they all have an innate ability to have a sensual connection with the environment. It's why there is a "Mother Nature"  follow this link and read the definition. 
Women are more apt to go barefooted, women play with their hair and pamper their skin and of course possess the all important breasts. Both genders admire and obsess over breasts.  Men of course are easy and really so are women. I have mentioned so many times how I have spent my life working in female dominated workforces. I can not tell you how many times I have heard the breast conversation in regards to another woman they were watching or even among themselves. These days of course buying the breasts of your dreams is not out of the question. I feel the main breast attraction is their sensation to a woman.  When she enters puberty sensations increase which goes a long way in developing a sensuality and is exactly the reason I am attempting to begin some hormone therapy.
I'm jealous. I want to experience that sensation and be more sensual not so much sexual. A journey I unknowingly undertook years ago.
With all the upheaval in our community these days about transsexual this and transgender that, it could be this is a simpler explanation of why some of us have arrived where we are today.
Sure, I will never experience many of the realities of a biological woman. No child birth or monthly periods or even female genitals are in my future. BUT
An increased awareness of the world from the sensual side of nature has been part of me for a while now. It most certainly is time to nurture that awareness.


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