I Felt Like A Spy!

At work the other day, the crew jumped into an animated conversation about drag shows. It seemed one of the older women had been invited to join some friends at a prominent gay club for a show.
I listened with great interest (of course) to the discussion.  The group was several "20" somethings and a couple of the women were going positively nuts about how the best looking women in the room at the show they went to were guys.
The one woman who was invited hated the whole idea and was very negative.  I didn't hear her remarks first hand but expected the gay/trans slurs.
Even more interesting was the comments on the man who used to come quite a bit dressed as...you guessed it...a woman.
I was so proud of the group who applauded him for living his life the way he wanted to and how about his great taste in purses! Unfortunately, they said they hadn't seen him for awhile.
I said absolutely nothing. Didn't have to. I was so proud of how the group approached our culture. Keep in mind all of this took place in a relatively rural town in Ohio.
Maybe things are really getting better!


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