Love at First Sight?

As narcissistic and selfish as it may sound, I have fallen in love with that woman in the mirror who is me. As with most quick relationships, love turned to lust and then to reality.
As reality set in and my sorority membership started to become validated, my image became more complex.
As the same people saw me in the same situation multiple times, I was restricted in how I could change hair colors for example.
I have said it myself. Change is so much a part of a woman's looks. She can cut, dye and extend her hair. I found  I could do the accident. I've told the story of my two dark hairstyles which are the same length. One is wavy and the other is very straight. Without hesitation I learned to tell inquisitive women my hair was naturally wavy which I didn't like and I have it straightened. Knowing full well most women never like their hair the way it is.
My many trips to wig stores over the years even provided me with yet another alternative. I have a short version of the straight hair and my story to go with it. Hair extensions on occasion give me the longer look.
On occasion, all of this hair talk makes me feel uncomfortable about the honesty of it all. It just happens so naturally and quickly it just seems right somehow.
The truly enjoyable fun part of the experience is that I am a huge fan of hair.  Hair is sexy, attractive and is even powerful. My three styles have given me an all important outlet for change and on occasion one or all of the above!


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