More Guy Stuff!

Since we are hot and heavy into the dating dynamics of seeing men versus women, it is always interesting to look ahead.  What if you two decided on a relationship?
With a man or a woman?
Of course the dynamics are different. The first impression is that a deeper relationship with a woman would be easier. I'm not so sure that would be true.
Relating as a female to a female in many ways is as difficult as relating to a man as a girl. Letting the inner female emerge is so much more than just talking makeup, clothes and hair. Listening, verbal and non verbal communication are so important. Slipping back into guy mode when a problem emerges is just one of many pitfalls. A very slippery slope! If you climb it, what's at the top of the hill?
When there is a guy involved, you can let your mind move to his next thought. You know they only retain a portion of what you're saying anyhow! Much of the "feminine mystic" is actually simple.  Knowing where guys are coming from is fairly basic. (Not in a negative way) If the guy accepts you as you are or is even entranced...then what?
Much depends upon your sexual orientation. Especially with a guy.  How far will you go to be "his girl". I have some personal experience in this situation.  I believe the situation was fairly evident with one guy I went out with. I'm a male virgin and he probably is too.  The next step would be so unsure and I feel we both felt it.
The girl side of me would make a sexual relationship with a female so much easier.  I've basically always approached sex from a feminine perspective.
What ever happens with this story,  it will have to be interesting at the least.  Writing this part of my life is certainly starting from a blank page.