A Merry Christmas From Kohl's?

Akasha Adonis
By now you have probably heard of the transgender attack at a Kohl's store in Tennessee. "Akasha Adonis" Black Friday shopping was turned ugly when she was attacked by a fellow shopper.
Regardless of the facts of the case, the whole ordeal brings reality to the possible danger we face as trans girls.
I know I live in my own little version of "Oz". If someone notices who I really am (a gender mix), they certainly wouldn't get violent? Right? Wrong!
I really need to add the pepper spray to my purse.  Real girls do it,so I should too.
I'm "sly" enough to carry feminine hygiene products, but dumb enough to not carry protection?
My experience with "Kohl's" stores are they are primarily located in "safe" mall areas. My assumption is that any of us would feel safe there
The "Akasha" story just brings a certain sort of stark reality back to the situation. Certainly life would be simpler in a more liberal setting like San Fransisco as compared to a small town in Tennessee. However, in either locale it still takes only once person to turn your life upside down.
I guess this week I'll put off buying that necklace I love and purchase pepper spray. Sad!


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