Are we addicted?  The first time we pulled those nylons up over our legs..was it all over? Was it the same as the first time a drug addict sticks a needle in his arm?
For some the addiction could be as small as wearing panties to work under their business suit or construction clothes.  For others the steps are very definite. That pretty girl in the mirror is a powerful aphrodisiac.To give her life, you will lie, cheat and even steal. As she grows, you wonder now much of you she always occupied. Life seems so natural as take your first trip through the mall with long hair, make up and a new outfit.  The first time someone calls you "She" or Mam"  it's music to your ears.
As "Anne" wrote in a response here "Could it be this fascination with 'femininity' grows on you? Would you compare it to an addiction to the "high" that you get while "femulating"? She did a wonderful job of saying it all!
I believe the seeds are planted in us somehow. Putting those nylons on is similar to watering that dormant seed.
For some, the seed grows into a weed. Ugly and impossible to kill. A lifetime burden. For fortunate others, the seed grows into a beautiful flower.
It's true, we may be addicted but I do believe the addiction started from that little flower seed.