Thursday, September 19, 2013

Thoughts from Afar

As you all know by now, I'm fairly good at sticking my nose into things I don't know much about here in Cyrsti's Condo.

Every once in a while I do get curious about the transgender man dynamic and how it works. Essentially,  I know enough to make me dangerous. Over the years of course I have my own observations, current and past lesbian friends as well as my close trans guy buddy.

Recently, I found a post from the SF Bay Times called "Where have all the Butches gone?" It's an interesting look at where the "jumping off" point from identifying as a "Super Butch" to a transgender man is. Actually, I think the line of demarcation is similar to  presenting as a cross dresser versus living as a transgender woman.  Over the years, I have known a couple of butches who gave me a run for my money in the masculinity far as I knew they identified female. No different than the super femme gay guy who looks great in drag but never has never had a question with his gender.

What makes the process so much more interesting to me is that the lesbian community takes sex and gender to a different level..Years ago I had a lesbian acquaintance tell me about the inherent complexities with a woman living with a woman. Or worse yet finding one to even date. Two summers ago I was fortunate to go with a lesbian friend of mine to see a female entertainer and the whole room was filled with all the social levels of the lesbian culture. From super butches to femmes and everyone in between, they were there.

So I can't even begin to tell you where have all the butches gone.  For all I know, the title itself is maybe becoming a little outmoded.  As the entire gender/sexuality picture becomes increasingly fluid these days, labels aren't so important.

Being selfish though, I loved it one night years ago when a butch "parted the waves" to get me served at a gay bar in Columbus, Ohio.  They sure know how to treat a girl!

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