Wednesday, November 2, 2022

Transgender Balance

 The delicate balance between the two binary genders often is very fragile. Take for example how a cis woman date or spouse feels when an in the closet boyfriend or husband sneaks a peek at another woman when the two are together. 

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In an extension of yesterdays post, Lauren wrote in with a very interesting comment. Lauren said her late wife and current lady became upset when she even remotely looked at another woman. What Lauren went on to say was how difficult it was to explain how or why the reason you were looking at another woman was very different. Being a transgender woman often means we look at other women differently. I know to this day, my attraction to other women is not a sexual one. 

On the other hand, I have an appreciation of a well put together woman. Every once in a while when I get out I notice a woman who gets my eye. So much so I have to struggle not to stare. An example was a couple women at the funeral I went to Saturday. They were dressed in black of course, one wore what appeared to be a knee length skirt and jacket with long wavy hair and black heels. The other was wearing pants with her jacket and had very tasteful makeup. Again with heels. All at once I felt envious and totally under dressed, even though I was wearing my best black embroidered long skirt with a nice black sweater. It just wasn't enough. 

At this point in my life I don't think much is going to change. For as long as I can remember I have wanted to be one of the girls I envied so much. A big portion of the learning process I wished I had understood earlier was the difference in looking like a girl rather actually being one. What mattered was finding my way out of the mirror which I was admiring myself in and finally getting into the world as my authentic self. 

When I first left the Army and decided to get married , I thought and maybe even hoped the process would enable my gender dysphoria to subside. Which it did for only around six months. After that the old feelings began to creep back in and I was intensely envious of cis women everywhere. Why couldn't I have their soft skin and round curves. Worse yet I had no one to explain my envy to. In all fairness, I barely understood it myself. How could another woman who was born with curves and other lifestyle necessities I so desired, even understand what I was going through. So I took the male approach out and bottled it all up inside me and tried the bottle to drink it away. The whole process made me depressed and angry. Until I finally did something about it. 

Now of course my life has changed. For the most part I am able to study other women from afar. What they are wearing and how they are wearing it. Which as I have found over the years is a true gender art form. I have also discovered the power of a woman to woman compliment. The briefest mention of a woman's accessories for example is a real ice breaker among women. Looking back, I wonder if I had not been so gender self centered and complemented my spouses on their feminine qualities if my life may have been different. 

Just another "what if" of life which age sometimes reveals. As my Dad used to say, "Once you become old enough to understand it's too late to do anything about it." 

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