Friday, August 27, 2021



Pre Menopause? Photo Source Cyrsti Hart

As I have been whining about here in Cyrsti's Condo, today (Friday) was my second big medical appointment for the week.

Today was my bone density scan, typically given to elderly women and men. My provider (doc) told me I needed one because I was a woman which was nice I guess. 

Fortunately, my partner Liz could get the day off and go with me. I wasn't dreading the visit as much as I was trying to find a parking spot and not have to walk a long way in the hot morning sun. The Cincinnati Veterans Hospital is in a very congested area and parking is always at a premium. Since Liz went, she could drop me off at the door and come back when I was finished. 

I did fairly well finding the room I needed to check in at and actually didn't haven't to wait very long before my name was called. A young male tech came out and off we went. Along the way he asked me what I did in the service and he was fascinated when I told him the "American Forces Radio and Television Service." I told him I actually was a disk jockey over in Southeast Asia, serving in Thailand just after Adrian Cronauer of "Good Morning Vietnam" Robin Williams movie fame. Since I was laying on the x ray table by then, I couldn't tell by the look on his face if he believed me or not. 

By then it didn't matter because the machine was doing it's work and he asked if I had been through menopause yet. Of course I was flattered and then finally outed myself by telling him I was transgender. I had gone through many other things but menopause wasn't one of them. 

The good news is/was my bones are good and strong. 

I'm sure I was one of his (the tech's) more interesting patients of the day!


  1. I've told others that I did go through menopause - it was my male puberty! I guess that you could also say that you were born without a uterus and ovaries. Usually, I'll say anything (that is still truthful) other than that I'm a transgender woman. Of course, if it has to do with my health, I would never leave things with any ambiguity.

    I'm glad your bones checked out OK.

    1. Thanks! I was so shocked when he asked me the menopause question I just outed myself and got it over with. After all, the chances would be slim I will see him again.

    2. Years ago, when I first went to see a doctor as "myself," the nurse had set up the exam room for a gynecological exam - complete with a speculum. Both the doctor and I got a good laugh when she removed the towel that covered the tray that had all of those instruments! I guess I was passing to the nurse, but I had already outed myself to the doctor, as I was sitting naked on the exam table at the time. :-)