Friday, July 9, 2021

Summer Time

 Around here we have not suffered from all the very hot temperatures common on the West coast, we still have had our share of 90 degree (F) days along the tropical humidity. As I have mentioned before, due to financial constraints we have no air conditioning.  So it's time to suck up the big girl panties and get over it. 

One of the few things I do like about summer is a change to wear my silky maxi dresses here is a picture on the left taken pre covid when my hair was much shorter and had not been allowed to return to it's natural shade.

Ironically, it's a surprise to me how many things do change and then again not. 

One thing that never changes around here though in Cincinnati, Ohio USA is the summer heat will be with us well into September. We did have a brief break today with a cold front which brought life back to nearly normal


  1. I scored a free air conditioner off of the local "Buy Nothing Facebook Group." It was after our record-breaking heat wave, but I'm ready to cool one room down when the next one comes along. I don't particularly like AC, though. It messes with my sinuses. I'll only use it when the temp is 90 or more, and I'll probably only set it at 80 when I do. Of course, it's really not free because the electric bill will go way up if I use it too much.

    We don't have as high humidity as you do, but the impending wild fires may cause our air to be awfully smoky. In that case, I should be looking for a free air purifier. At least we have plenty of N95 masks left over from Covid-19. They don't make for the best in accessories for a nice, flowing maxi dress, but WTH? :-)

    1. Hey! A free AC is a good AC! In addition to financial considerations, we are afraid of overloading the electric.
      Liz is now paranoid about the covid variant, so when and if we ever get out again N95 might be in my future again sadly.