Thursday, October 15, 2020

Just Thinking

 This morning, as I looked over my email feeds, I wondered aloud to Liz about how many cis women and cross dressers still support a certain person in Washington and more importantly who he has nominated to fill Justice Ginsberg's spot on the Supreme Court. 

You know the two I am writing about. One is trying to erase all transgender women and men totally, while the other in the future could vote to change everything for women from abortion rights to same sex marriage. 

I can understand why most cross dressers don't care. You see them all the time commenting on Facebook. They can stay in their closets, live as privileged men and not care anything concerning the overall transgender community. 

Cis women, I have a harder time understanding. They must have short memories and/or no knowledge of history. It wasn't so long ago they couldn't even vote or had to fight for any control of their own bodies. 

Maybe it because transgender women have had to go through a major struggle to even arrive where we are, it makes sense we should care more. 

Perhaps now you are thinking what have I done to further the cause. I don't have the financial resources to do much but I have managed to donate small amounts of money to Amy McGrath in Kentucky who is running against Moscow Mitch McConnell and Jamie Harrison who is running against tRump supporter Lindsey Graham. I also have been involved with Equality Ohio trying to convince the republican legislature in Ohio to vote a fairness bill which would cover all of the LGBTQ community including transgender people. I called the new Ohio Speaker of the House last night to express my support.

Most importantly, my vote has been sent in. 

At the least, I want to tell my Grandkids I tried! 


  1. Unfortunately, those cis-women that claim to be backing him are married to an "OUTSPOKEN" spouse. You see it all the time at the rallies. She only speaks after her spouse gets finished loudly proclaiming their support. But I also see some of these women, who seem to be trying to get their 15 minutes or posting to Facebook for the likes vote.
    I sometimes wonder if any of them really understand what the future will hold for their daughters, granddaughters and nieces if the present regime gets to undermine all the rights that women from the past have fought so hard for. As for the in the closet groups, I pity them if it ever gets out who they really are. They will be included in the outing of the "perverted" that the administration is pushing to eliminate.

    1. Well said!!! I love it! Thanks! I will probably use in an upcoming post :)