Yesterday was actually my 70th birthday. I thought I managed to keep it relatively undercover with just my partner Liz, daughter Andrea, and a few other friends knowing at all.

After choosing where I wanted to go for my birthday dinner out, we headed out. It was chilly enough for one of my lightweight sweaters and leggings.

As we went towards the restaurant I picked, even I figured out we were going the wrong way. I am still fairly new to driving around here and Liz knows all the short cuts, so I trusted her to get us there and I would soon be eating creole cooking soon,

No such luck. We seemingly drove forever before I figured out my birthday venue was going to be denied. I was more than a little upset as we entered this little off the beaten track brew pub. Then I realized I had been scammed. Sitting around a big table was my daughter, grand kids and son in law. I couldn't believe they were able to trick me so completely. At least it was for a good cause.

The beer and food was good. Then came the gifts.

I was given a necklace with my daughter and I's birthstone and the best present of them T-shirt which said "Ohio State University Grandmother." OK, I couldn't help but cry. That simple shirt meant so much to me on so many levels.

Of course, my Granddaughter is a freshman at The Ohio State University (which I am a HUGE fan) and to have the word Grandmother attached was just too much to bear.

So all in all, I had a wonderful birthday. Even though it was a complete surprise!


  1. Well, I knew it was coming up, but couldn't remember the exact date. So, Happy Belated Birthday!
    Congratulations on becoming a Septuagenarian. Of course, I'm still a sexagenarian, which sounds a bit more becoming - even if the sex part is rather lacking for me. Still, there's always a time to be a SEXY-genarian, no matter how old you are. ;-)

    Shouldn't your shirt read, "The Ohio State University Grandmother?" That could be confusing, as if you were the only grandmother. I wonder how The Ohio State University English Dept. would say it. Oh well, it won't be long before y'all will want to change it to "The #1 Ohio State University." :-)

    1. Thanks! I think they ran out of space on the T-shirt :)
      I think Michigan State came away knowing who was "the" best team. :)


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