Sunday, February 3, 2019

Compliments Will Get you Everywhere

Saturday night, we met three other acquaintances for dinner. One was the avowed cross dresser I have never been very fond of. The other two were very interesting people.

One of which was a semi retired doctor who writes exotic novels from his wife's point of view and the other is a retired 24/7 cross dresser. She looks like everyone's great aunt and even holds a board position with the Cincinnati baseball Reds women's auxiliary. She is also very active in her church. I really admire her! For once there was a very interesting discussion around the table.

Of course along the way, I have referred to the cross dresser I have never really liked as a he or a she and Connie noticed it...

 "I thought that I may have been misgendering the cross dresser. You did refer to "him", and I had it in my mind that this was the same one who came to the gatherings in guy mode, but I could be wrong. So, because I would always use feminine pronouns for an MtF cross dresser (when she's presenting female), I apologize if I was mistaken. We can have the same problems from within the umbrella as everybody else, I guess."

On occasion I have referred to the person as a "he" because on occasion he comes dressed as his guy self. Other times, he is so blatantly busy flirting with my partner Liz, I just want to stand up and leave...or worse. 

Last night though, for some reason the person focused on me. All of a sudden I was showered with lavish praise how good I looked. My hair, my outfit and my makeup were all spot on. Even my skin made the thumbs up list. I think it is because I started to apply my regular nightly Olay moisturizer before I apply my foundation.  I was surprised and flattered by all the attention of course but being the overall bitch that I am, I had to consider the source. Also, the soft subdued lighting in the restaurant didn't hurt me either. 

Overall a great time was had by all. As we left of course, my new BFF was begging us to come back again for another dinner, or set one up and invite her.

I just want to talk to the Doctor who seemed intrigued by all of us :)   

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