Thursday, January 17, 2019

New Acquaintances?

Both support group meetings this week resulted in meeting new transgender folks with an occasional cross dresser mixed in.

Most were very shy and uncommunicative, but others were outgoing too. One in particular reminded me of a trans girl I used to hang out with years ago. Another was a delightful more mature pan-sexual cis woman who shared her recent experiences coming out in the LGBTQ community.

At both meetings, I shared experiences about Liz and how she helped kick me totally out of the closet. Of course (being me), I did things backwards. Friends had to convince me finally to accept myself as a feminine being. I was torturing myself living three or four days as a guy, then three or four as a woman. It ultimately led to me trying to kill myself.

It must have been a powerful message in one group, since my therapist made a special phone call to thank me for participating.

Switching topics now (slightly), we will have a chance to meet a few other new transgender and/or cross dressers tonight. We have decided to go to the group Thursday social for the first time.  It also gives us a chance to try out a new restaurant.

Of course tomorrow (Friday) is hair day for both Liz and I and a chance to decide if I want it colored or not. It will be a "game time" decision depending on if Liz is going to have her's colored or not. If she doesn't, it leaves a coloring spot I could possibly have.

Finally, Saturday we have an invitation to go out and meet a couple friends. However, we are expecting another big weekend storm before record cold temperatures set in, so it is doubtful we will be able to go.

The "joys" of an Ohio winter!


  1. I once thought I was pan-gender....until I jumped out of the pan and into the fire. Now I'm just one hot trans woman! :-)

    Actually, trying to live in ones authentic gender, while still attempting to meet all of the obligations associated with the assigned (and long-established) gender, can feel like being in a hot pan. Tip-toeing around to keep from being burned eventually leads to exhaustion - especially for procrastinators like us. At this point, the only options left are to lie down and let the hot pan finish us off, or to take the chance of jumping out and facing the fire. Of course, a friend with a spatula would be the best scenario, because nobody can really do this alone.

  2. When I ever get over heated, it's because of my HRT acting up :)