Friday, January 25, 2019

Change in Plans

Due to sub zero (Fahrenheit) temperatures, I have decided to change the outfit I was going to wear tonight to something more weather appropriate. The sleeveless glittery top is out and my new black sweater I got for Christmas is in. The black pants are out and one of the sets of patterned leggings are in. Finally, the black flats are out and the new black boots are in, since we still have snow on the ground.

On the bright side, Liz is working on a new black and gold bracelet for me to wear. I plan on wearing my crystal necklace and matching ear-rings.

I can dress the outfit up even further with my one and only fancy black beaded bag which I save for special occasions. I was also interested to learn there is another transgender person (man) in the group as well as a closeted cross dresser.

Last year, the food was good and there was no rubber chicken, so I am looking forward to the evening.

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