Sunday, January 13, 2019

Busy Week

As luck would have it, or as "Momma Nature" will allow, it's going to be a busy week coming up.

Beginning today (Sunday) Liz and I are going to a group meeting concerning this year's Witches Ball. It should be interesting since the woman who basically has been running the show, has been making a power grab to do more. Essentially taking the lead organization out of it. It should be fun! Sometimes I love a good confrontation :).

Monday and Tuesday, I have cross dresser-transgender support group meetings. Normally, I run into some interesting people at one or the other of the meetings. Ironically, I have been meeting more and more trans men at these events.

Wednesday, it's ride along day with Liz as she goes to one of her medical appointments.

Friday, it's time for my much awaited appointment to my hair stylist. I am still (and will) be debating on whether to re-color my hair yet. Most of the decision will have to do with Liz deciding if she wants to give up her coloring appointment and giving it to me. It's more or less a double appointment time wise for a coloring.

Finally, Saturday we are invited to a dinner at the Italian venue we have been going through. It will be weather permitting again though since we are expecting another major weather system next weekend.

I love a busy week!

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