Saturday, November 17, 2018

Winter is Here

Somehow, the fall of 2018 never really happened around here. As it turned out, no one bothered to tell the trees and our recent ice storm brought down many of them due to extra weight. Fortunately, I didn't have anywhere in particular to go yesterday, so I could stay snuggled in, in my warm "jammies."

Of course we had snow after the ice and I went the extra mile to pull out an extra warm sweater or two out of my wardrobe to wear this weekend. Again, I am fortunate in that my partner Liz is quite the knitter so I have plenty of warm scarves and even a pair of wrist warmers which I wore on my walk this morning.

Next week, as we approach Thanksgiving, we are having two events Tuesday here in Cincinnati marking Transgender Awareness and the Transgender Day of Remembrance. I should be able to blog more about them later.

I know for sure we have a meeting to go to tomorrow and for now Saturday night looks to be clear, unless we get any last minute invitations.

It is certain, my leggings, boots and sweaters will get a workout.

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