Sunday, November 18, 2018

Sunday Thanksgiving March

I know it is the Sunday before Thanksgiving but already,we are staring major procrastinated cleaning projects around the house.

Yesterday was almost a wasted day for cleaning because of a trip to the store, karate practice for Liz and yet another heart stopping win by The Ohio State Buckeyes.

To keep it simple (stupid), I started the day in a pair of my leggings, thigh high boots and a nice sweater. Then, as the day progressed, I just down graded into a more comfortable older sweater. One fun part of the day was when I had a chance to search through some of Liz's older clothes she can't wear anymore because of her dynamic one hundred pound plus weight loss. I think I found a couple of nice outfits. One in particular is a silk like deep purple and blue top paired with a pair of silky black pants. It makes a very dressy outfit which perhaps I can wear to the transgender - cross dresser support group Christmas party we are planning to go to. Or even Liz's semi formal dinner we attend every year.

Well, now it is back to cleaning! Hope you all are doing well.

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