Sunday, July 8, 2018

Out and About?

For some reason, Liz and I had Friday and Saturday night invitations this week.

Friday, we went to the usual karaoke we attend once a month. We even stayed way past our bedtime, all the way till midnight.

The longer we stayed, the worse the music got with people thinking they were drunk enough to sing. Fortunately for everyone, I was not among them.

Saturday, we finally collapsed to the pressure of a self professed proud NOT to be on hormones cross dresser who comes every time to karaoke. She always seems to be unnecessarily edgy and I always wondered why. It turns out she thinks all of us on HRT are just bitches. It could expelling why she/he is always nicer to Liz than I. However, I just don't play their little stupid high school girl games they play.

At any rate, she/he was always on our back to wear "something nice" to the restaurant we went to. So, I thought it was time to break out a first...a long flowing, slinky dress. I loved it! It was perfect for a nice summer Ohio evening.

Kind of hurt my feelings, she/he didn't even mention my dress or my new hair cut. But then again, I am one of those evil transgender bitches on hormones.

Better luck next time. 


  1. Well, I'm not on HRT, but I can still be a bitch sometimes. Right now, though, I'm in a pretty good mood, and I just have to compliment you on your dress. You look great! There's nothing so cool(ing) to wear on a hot day or evening as a long, sleeveless dress or maxi. The air conditioning is built-in. :-) I've often wondered, when you've described your outfits for different summer occasions, why you weren't wearing a long dress, instead. Jeggings or leggings always sound so hot (or not so hot) a choice when the temperature gets high.

    Having hung out, in the past, with a cross dresser group, I can attest to the bias many of them have on female presentation. I think it's because they relish the dichotomy of living two distinct lives, as far as their gender is concerned. Most of us have gone through the overcompensation at some point. For one to think there is no other way to be, though, and then to voice that opinion, is pretty much the definition of "bitch" in itself. On the other hand, I have also attended trans functions with mostly "HRT transitioners" who made me feel uncomfortable for being too "dressed up." I've even been told that I can't be truly transitioning just because I wear wigs - when, if I didn't wear them, I feel I would look pretty ridiculous with my male-pattern baldness showing itself! But, if someone else with the same condition didn't care how she looked, I surely wouldn't say anything about their presentation - although, I'd be thinking it. :-)

  2. Looking good there, girl! Rock it!