Friday, July 6, 2018

Voice Police

Yesterday, the "voice police" called. Yes, I finally set up an appointment with the speech department at my veterans administration hospital.

After setting up the visit, I immediately thought, what did I just do? You see, my voice is very horse most of the time, so I hope there is nothing majorly wrong which would require surgery.

One way or another, it's time to hitch up my big girl panties on the 18th and get it looked at.

Of course my end game is having a more feminine voice and I am willing to put whatever work needed to insure it happens. My major issue now is keeping my voice in what I consider a feminine mode all the time.

I have set my first goal. It is to try to not get mis gendered on the phone.

It would be a huge success!


  1. Cyrsti -

    I found that one of the local colleges near where I live helps Trans folk learn to speak in the Androgynous vocal range with appropriate speech mannerisms. Maybe something like this can be found where you live. Hearing and Speech labs in many colleges like to use TGs as their guinea pigs in exchange for low cost therapy.

    In the NYC area where I live, each session from one professional costs $150. At the local college, the same basic therapy (under the supervision of a board certified supervisor) costs $60. Yes, it may not be as good as the $150 sessions, but you get 80-90% of what you're looking for for about 40% of the cost.


  2. You may find that after you find your female voice, it will be hard to use the vocal patterns that youve been using for years.