Thursday, April 12, 2018

Girl Talk

A couple nights ago at the cross dresser - transgender support group meeting, it seemed I was destined to answer routine questions about my Mtf gender transitions again. For the most part, I am fine with questions because, after all it is a support group.

Most of the questions came from the hairdresser (cis woman) with a transgender son. She wanted to know how long I had been out in the feminine world and how did I do it. Among other things. I told her I seriously transitioned about six years ago and have been on hormone replacement therapy for over four years. I did go on to tell her, no, I wasn't looking to have any bottom surgery as I am quite content to live the way I am. After all, I added, gender is between the ears anyway.

However, if I was much younger, my thoughts on surgery may be quite different.

The other "questions" came in the form of subtle conversations with others I just met. I was fortunate in everyone was quite respectful and not crass. Most came from very nervous early cross dressers, just finding their way.

So all in all, it was an interesting evening. Next week, I have my other support group meeting for transgender veterans up in Dayton and normally isn't so fun. although, since the weather is better (finally) perhaps some of the earlier "co combatants" in the group will return to stir the group up a bit. I'm really interested to hear from the "phantom" sex change person again. If you recall her, she is the one who would contradict herself on occasion about the process.

The Cincinnati veterans center is starting it's own support group, but I haven't decided as of yet to go or not. I am of the opinion not to. Enough is enough!


  1. At my age, most of the support I need comes from undergarments.

    I once attended a trans support group that was made up of mostly older trans women. I dubbed us "The Support Ho's." :-)

  2. It will be my support group meeting this Saturday, we meet in a pub so it is all very informal, but I know the subject of surgery will come up, not least because I am still trying to make my mind up what to do, and I know that one of my friends who delights in talking about her own surgery will be there. As a general rule I find it a little distasteful when civilians bring the subject up, but in this environment it is a little different.

    Part of my own indecision is that as I am also past a certain age I question the value of the possible results against the recover time, maintenance and risk. ~ if I were 20 or 30 years younger I might be a bit keener!