Wednesday, April 4, 2018


I often wonder about what would have happened if I showed up for my military draft physical dressed as I deeply wanted to be. Probably, I would have still be taken and forced into the Marines, not the Army.

Ironically, Thailand, one of the places I was sent still has an universal draft for it's military. In Thailand though, transgender women can present paperwork and still physically show up as their authentic selves, to not get drafted into the male military.

Here is a picture of three:

Can you imagine the experience?


  1. The thought of outing myself, had my number come up, brought me out of my heavy denial for moments at a time. I think that I was as afraid of facing up to my gender identity as I was facing the Vietcong, though.

    Are you saying the Marines are looking for a few good men, even if they make good-looking women, too?:-)

  2. I had to go for "check ups" as I stayed in college for four years and one of the times, they had everyone take and even or odd number. One of the two were going to be drafted into the Marines. I am sure you remember back in those days, they were looking for anyone!