Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Selective Hearing

Well, today was my annual appointment with the VA audiologist. While again, my hearing showed the same losses as before, it hadn't gotten any worse.

So now, I don't have to go back for two years and Liz will have to continue to complain about my "selective hearing."
Two year old Trans Ohio picture with The
Ohio State University mascot "Brutus

The biggest problem this morning was getting up early enough so I could get dressed and do my make up for an appointment which was a half hour drive away. I am getting lazy in my old age but I guess now, I know I can hear about it!

The cis woman doing the exam did comment on my hair (which is very thick) as she had to get it off my ears to put the ear plugs in for the exam. She said she wished hers was as thick and I said my daughter felt the same way. My kid has always wondered why she didn't inherit my hair and I always tell her, she got my personality. Which is a tough enough burden to carry through life! :)

Also today, I received my final confirmation for a workshop presentation at the Trans Ohio Symposium.  Since it is not until the end of April, I still have quite a bit of time to refine my ideas. If "refine" is the right term to use with me!


  1. Sometimes, it's the thick hair that grows inside the ear that is the problem, rather than the thick hair that falls over the ears. :-)

  2. I have a small congenital hearing impairment in one ear, it doesn't really impact on my life, except that it just happens to be the range both my Wife and Daughter happen to talk in!

  3. I haven't had to go for a full audiologist test since 2005.
    The shopping mall audiology/hearing aids basic test that was run in December last year showed the very early stages of age related hearing loss though. If it has gotten worse by December this year, then I'll have to have a full audiologist test done.
    For me, the need for such a hearing test is slightly different. Osteogenesis imperfecta, aka weak bones, so the testing is more concerned with picking up on hearing loss due to fractures in the bones of the ears.

  4. Yes, she checked for ear bone density (with some sort of pressure test) too, and so far...so good. My hearing loss was described as typical in a person my age.